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Brighton, United Kingdom Posted 28 day(s) ago
About Us

The Projects' team is what takes our spaces from houses to homes for the businesses based here.

Our team members come from different backgrounds and are all extremely talented, kind and collaborative. ​

We strongly believe that Projects’ success can be attributed to its culture of equality, diversity, and inclusion. Because no two people are alike, everyone of us contributes our own distinct thoughts, ideas, and creativity through our individual uniqueness and how we function as a team. ​

Our Values
To inspire
The combination of our beautiful work spaces and our emphasis on personal and professional progression makes us a place where everyone feels inspired. Every interaction we have with someone in one of our spaces is an opportunity for us to make them feel considered and cared for.
To include
Projects has always welcomed everybody and will continue to do so. It’s our priority to enable our team and members here to feel immediately included in this community, no matter their needs, background, industry, interests or mission. 
Personal Development Budget
This can be used for courses, events, books, mentors, software. 

Taco Rewards
Everyone has a number of virtual tacos to give out each day via Slack. You'll then be able to cash them in to receive rewards from vouchers for incredible local restaurants to fully paid days off
We have an arrangement with an award winning therapist called Jess Adams. You can either arrange this as a one off or monthly through your line manager or directly with Jess.
Quarterly Socials
Every 3 months, we have a team social which is purely for us to have fun and get to know one another better. During the monthly team meetings, you’ll get to share your ideas on what the next social should entail and then vote on the options.

So far, we’ve done some brilliant things from watching live comedy to going to an immersive theatre in London, go-karting to cooking classes
Bespoke Upskilling Training Programme
We have a comprehensive training programme for Projects’ employees which consists of monthly ‘Afternoon Tea Academy’ sessions whereby we have an external trainer in to provide a workshop for us as we eat a delicious afternoon tea - the sessions we have are decided upon by us as a team and so far, we have had workshops on personal finances and time management. 
Complimentary Gym Access
You can use the gym at Beach whenever you want and book our paddle board to take down to the beach!
Meet Our Team
Emily Brackenfield
Community Manager, Projects Lanes
"Projects is a truly fantastic employer to work for, as they genuinely care about you as a person, and look after your wellbeing. Projects also have fantastic potential for role progression and no two days being the same makes it super fun too. The team are very supportive of each other and makes working here an all-round great experience!"
Molly McDermott
Community Manager, Projects Beach
"My favourite thing about working at Projects is the vibrant community we have here. Our spaces are filled with amazing people from various industries, providing me with a diverse network to learn from. I also appreciate how our team is inclusive and passionate about helping us grow and develop, constantly involving us in different events and projects."
Dylan Moore
Community Associate
"It's refreshing to be part of a company that values and prioritises transparency and the well-being of employees - it makes your relationship to work seem much more balanced, rather than feeling like just a number!"

Meet Our Team

Matt Miller
Area Community Manager
Kyle Garland
Senior Operations Manager
Alana Harris
Brand Manager
Alex Young
Christos Demetriou
Founder and Director